Meet Erika

The making of The Possibility Queen

When Erika was a teen, she and her brother and sister used horse turds to play baseball. They probably had a baseball somewhere, or at least one of the dog’s tennis balls lying around, they could’ve used. But, it was more fun to throw a lump of dung up in the air and watch the bat smack it into a million pieces while a runner ran around the bases. More often than not, the three of them were rolling in fits of giggles because of the way a horse biscuit exploded, than actually running around the bases.

Another time, when Erika was about 10, she turned their old chicken coop into a clubhouse. A lot of planning went into decorating the walls and bringing in logs and bricks for furniture. Her mother found out and was horrified by the thought of all the germs and made her dad burn it down.

Erika has this magical capacity to create something out of seemingly nothing. She doesn’t buy into the “I can’t” stories of the pessimistic people in her life. Whenever there’s an obstacle to overcome or something needs to be accomplished her brain automatically starts searching for ways to get ‘er done. She truly is the queen of possibility and loves helping people get what they desire most!

How did Erika get to be so awesome at what she does?

Erika’s professional life began working with people. Her first big-girl job was doing customer service for a terrible computer company. She used her gifts of gab and diffusing upset to help people solve problems with their computers. She was very successful at this and the company had her train new employees.

She later moved on to be an administrative assistant while putting herself through college. Her bosses loved her cheerful “can do” attitude!

Erika graduated from the University of Utah in 2001 with honors in Psychology. Her only regret about going to college is she wishes she would’ve earned bad grades; honors are overrated and she would’ve had more fun if she achieved B’s and C’s. Back then she thought she would go to graduate school and needed the grades to get in.

After graduation she went to work in psych hospitals, treatment centers and an adult group home. She didn’t know why back then, but she always knew something was off in the mental health world. Through her education with Access Consciousness, she began to understand what her inner knowing was trying to tell her.

In 2009 Erika began to discover her natural capacities in helping others to heal their lives. Through her personal development and professional training she has become a gifted healer, facilitator, and coach. Erika uses her magic hands to move energy through people’s bodies. She uses her gift of conversation to help people verbally process. And she uses her psychic abilities to know if there’s a demon hanging around or whatever else needs to be done to create ease for bodies.

Erika has an easy, non-judgmental style when working with people that makes them feel safe and comfortable. She is a kick ass healer, facilitator and coach who helps people get what they want out of life!

Who is she when she’s not being all professional and stuff?

Erika is no stranger to depression and anxiety. She was depressed for many years of her life and even attempted suicide after she became a mother. She survived verbal, physical, and sexual abuse that started as a very young child. She purged her anger and self-hatred through a pretty good case of bulimia that lasted most of her teen years. She became sexually active at a very young age – looking for love in all the wrong places. She married young and experienced a divorce by the time she was twenty.

Erika understands pain and suffering. She’s been there. The cool thing is, those things are NO longer part of her reality! She went down a courageous path of healing the skeletons in her closet so she could live in peace, joy and self-love.

At home, Erika is a wife and a mother of 3 kids. She has a cat named Milkshake and a dog named Piper. She really enjoys witnessing her children step into their own greatness. They are all quite magical in their own ways and her oldest daughter attends classes with Erika and is turning into a remarkable healer herself. As a family they enjoy time in nature – hiking, camping and fishing. They also look forward to a big vacation that takes them somewhere new every year.

Erika is a kitchen witch. She is constantly surprised that people don’t have her cooking skills, which is something she began developing at the age of 7. She makes nearly everything from scratch, including birthday cakes for her kids. She gardens and loves growing beautiful flowers and tasty vegetables. In harvest season she bottles food like a mad lady – last year she made 50 quarts of salsa and 45 quarts of spaghetti sauce, among other things. Erika has also learned to transform herbs into herbal remedies, affectionately known in their household as magic potions, that keep them all well. She has a vast knowledge of plant-based, natural medicine and loves to help her family and friends learn about it.

She enjoys painting, scrapbooking , and card making. And, at age 42, Erika began taking piano lessons. You are never too old to do things that bring you joy!

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