Energy can be intense. The perceived “negative” energy of others can be intense.

I was at the New Consciousness Expo recently and the Wild Woman’s Symposium a couple of weeks before that and the subject of other’s energy, and shielding from it, came up several times.

Here’s what I know about it. (And it’s probably not the most popular point of view in the metaphysical world).

When you decide that you have to “shield” yourself from others energy, the only thing you are truly blocking out is YOU. When you have barriers up, you can’t receive much. You can’t even receive YOU. We haven’t been given the tools to deal with our awareness about what is going on in our world. So we try to shield it by placing ourselves in bubbles, walls, shields, etc.

Keep Out!

Here are some things you can do instead:

  1. Ask questions! Body, what are we aware of? What is right about this? Whose energy is this? What have I made so vital about taking on other people’s energy?
  2. Return to sender. When you ask “Is this mine or someone else’s?” determine if it is yours or not. When it belongs to someone else, simply say “return to sender with consciousness attached.”
  3. Destroy & uncreate the judgment you have about other people’s emotions – sadness, anger, resentment, joy and even happiness, etc.
  4. Get your Bars® ran! One of the bars (points) that we work on in a session is called the Implant Band, right behind the ears. This is where ALL the thoughts, ideas, beliefs, considerations, attitudes, emotions, and judgments that belong to others, whether you align and agree with it or resist and reacted to, that allowed this stuff from other people to be implanted in you in the first place. Holding the implant band makes this stuff dissolve! Having Bars run also dissolves triggers that may have you go into reaction of other people, rather than simply being aware.
  5. Expand your infinite being. Most people want to hide and make themselves smaller, but if you expand your being things hurt less. Notice how far away from your body your infinite being is hanging out. Now expand it 100 miles in all directions, including down into the earth. Expand it 1000 miles, 50,000 miles, 100,000 miles, and beyond. I’m quite fond of bumping up against the moon, Jupiter, Pluto, etc. I play with going as big as the Milky Way Galaxy and beyond. The bigger your infinite being IS, the less intensity other people’s energy can impact you with.

Before I go into a client session, I lower my barriers and expand my infinite being. I often ask clients and students to do this as well. I lower my barriers when I am with my friends, at an event or class, when I’m having sex, etc. Why? Because I want to receive MORE! When things feel intense I expand my infinite being (when I remember to do so – I’m getting better at this). I also get my Bars and other energetic body processes done regularly.

Does an Infinite Being really need to be protected or shielded? NO! They are infinite!

So, instead of putting yourself in a bubble, or behind a wall or shield, try these tools instead.  I’m curious how they’ll work for you.  What else is possible?