Water heaterLast November I walked into our utility room to change the furnace filter and noticed a little water coming out of the water heater.  It was 15 years old and I wasn’t surprised.  I thanked it for its service and for doing such a great job for our family.  I told it that I just spent $3800 on training classes and another $4000 on Disneyland so my savings was a little low.  I asked the water heater a really important question:  Water heater, would it be possible for you to give me a few months more service so I can rebuild my savings account?

I closed the door and walked away.

Six months later, I walked into the utility room once again to change the furnace filter and noticed a very steady flow of water coming from the water heater.  I sent my husband a text and asked him to contact his friend and get a quote.  Everything was in flow.  We had the money in savings and felt zero stress over spending $500 on a new water heater.  How does it get any better than that?

You, too, can talk to objects, your business, your job, your relationships, etc.  I know, it’s totally weird.  But, weird is fun!  And, weird works.  Would this tool help you get rid of the trauma and drama of things working right or falling apart?  Or would you rather stay addicted to struggle?  What else is possible in your world?