I’ve been thinking a lot about it since my Conscious Business Retreat last week. And, again after an Access Bars® exchange with some dear friends last night, this concept of “Choice” has left me pondering a lot about it today.

One of the questions my friends asked me last night, as I shared some things I’ve been struggling with is:

Are you willing to choose you?

Am I?

This is something I have been playing on and off since I returned from my Choice of Possibilities class in August. I pondered on the ways I have been choosing greater and choosing me since then.

After I left that class two months ago, I knew I required MORE FUN in my life. Like it is life and death imperative to have more FUN!
Soon after, I went to a line dancing class with my friend and had a blast, even at the risk of my husband accusing me of having a boyfriend. I received his judgment, giggled inside, and chose ME anyway.

A few weeks ago my sister was in town. I had mountains of produce in my kitchen, waiting to be bottled. I also had a retreat to prepare for the following weekend. I sent my kids with my sister to a family gathering so I could stay home and get my canning done. Taking action was the only thing that would alleviate the overwhelm in that 10 seconds. When my kids returned I heard “grandma says family is everything, even more important than tomatoes.” I received the judgment and told my kids “that’s an interesting point of view.” And I still chose ME with absolutely no guilt.


The following week, I needed to be in the mountains to see the changing colors and receive an energetic contribution from the earth. So, I packed up my ornery kids (yes, they were quite grumpy I was making them go), we got in the car and headed up the canyon. I knew it would be healing for them as well. I felt like I was suffocating here in the valley and in my home. Despite their protests, I chose ME. Again.

I choose EASE.
I choose FUN.
I choose ME.

Some days I’m not perfect at it. I have to ask myself if I’m willing to choose 5 or 10% greater.

At my Conscious Business Retreat, my friend and I were looking for something in the kitchen at the cabin. She asked an awesome question:

“What would make this easy?”

We found the object right away and I giggled.

That question has been ringing in my ears for a week now and I’ve been playing with it a lot.

I have been asking this next question a lot since I came home from Choice of Possibilities:

“What would make this fun for me? What fun things could I choose today?”

Another question I came across today in my study time is:

“If I were truly creating my life with the universe, and allowing the universe to contribute to my whole life today, what would I choose right away?”

Since that one is so powerful I’m going to keep asking it and playing with the energy of it.

What do you choose?