It starts with you asking a question or making a demand from the Universe.

The Universe begins to rearrange itself in order to give you what you’re asking for. One of the keys is to be patient with yourself and with the Universe as things unfold for you.

From consciousness, creation occurs from a different place than what everyone thinks. Creation is this:

  • Ask
  • Acknowledge your asking
  • Be willing to receive

From the moment you ask, if it’s something you’re really willing to have, everything that isn’t congruent with you having and being that starts to show up in your world. All the crap shows up. Then you begin wondering what’s wrong with you and doubting yourself. This process is you getting congruent with what you’re asking for.

Think of an area of your life you might want to change.

Get a sense of how it would be to have that change. Get the energy of it and bathe in it for a moment. Acknowledge that you’re asking. Then, ask the Universe to make it as easy as possible. “Consciousness, hook me up! Give me everything you’ve got. I am willing to change anything I need to in order to have this.”

And say this mantra. “All of life comes to me with ease, joy & glory.”

  • Be willing to be in a space of ease.
  • Be willing to have joy.
  • Be willing to have glory – the exuberant expression and abundance of everything.

This mantra applies to all of your life, not just the good stuff. No one has a life where only good stuff happens to them. But even with the good, bad and ugly you can still have ease, joy and glory.

Also know, if something has to change and things get sticky or yucky, you may require a facilitator of some sort to help you get out of the funk. Or you can ask more questions and find more tools to help. I’ve got lots of those too.

~ Parts of this are excerpts from the Energetic Synthesis of Being 0317 class by Dr. Dain Heer.