Have you ever had a panic attack?

That feeling…. That you’re gonna die! Something bad is gonna happen…. FREAK the FREAK out!

I’ve been there. It’s so much fun! Said no one, ever.

I used to have them from needle phobia – things like blood draws and shots at the dentist’s office. When I was pregnant with my oldest child I had to do the 3 hour glucose test, creating so much trauma in my world. My friend came and held my hand. In that moment we figured out that the smell of the alcohol pad triggered it. I started pinching my nose and that helped a lot. Then I took a hypnobirthing class. Learning how to breathe and do self hypnosis was invaluable to me. Those things have helped me for many years.

Here’s a twist on panic attacks.

I was at a class, listening to my mentor facilitate someone who struggles with panic attacks. Dr. Dain Heer said that people experience panic attacks for a few different reasons. And it’s not what you think it is.

  1. We have capacities with people who died.
  2. We have capacities with entities and demons.
  3. People are afraid of how powerful they are.
  4. Or, all of the above.

And it hit me…. Holy crap! Those all apply to me! That explained so much in my world and my body lit up.

Dain went on to talk about anything that you make significant causes you give up power and control. If you don’t make demons, entities, and even dead loved ones more significant than you, you win. You’re always in charge. They can’t do anything to you. A demon might try to tell you that you don’t have any power, but they do. When you buy into that they gradually erode your power and potency.
You have to acknowledge that you are the one with power over you, not them. You have to stop buying the lie and pretending to be weak and pathetic.

Knowing this, and acknowledging my capacities with the dead and with demons and entities has changed this panic thing even more for me. As I claim my power and capacities the anxiety and panic vanish more and more.

What else is possible now?