Let’s talk about anger for a second….

Lots of people do anger to get others to react. So what if, instead of reacting with anger, you ask questions?

  • What did the person mean by that?
  • What part of that is loving & caring?
  • What part of that is just to be mean to me?

When you ask a question, you go into the place of potency and power, even action. But, no reaction. No anger.

When you have someone who loves to push your buttons, they are trying to get you to react.

And when you do, you prove to the other person they are right! (at least in their mind). And the cycle persists.

That last part really hit me… it lit up my brain! Wow!


I’ve been reading a book called Living Beyond Distraction by Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer.

It discusses all of these distractor implants, including anger. The rest are rage, fury, hate, blame, shame, regret, guilt, addiction, compulsion, obsession, perverted points of view, love, sex, jealousy, peace, life, death, living, reality, fear, doubt, business, and relationship.

If any of these distractor implants are playing out in your life and keeping you stuck this book might be super helpful for you. I’m only on the first chapter and it’s already rocking my world!   Check it out here.