Last July I was introduced to angel therapist, Doreen Virtue.  Since then I started listening to her weekly radio program on and have read many of her books.  I have learned a great deal about how angels work.  They are very powerful and will do what we ask.  Because we are human beings and have free agency we have to ask for their services, with one exception; when it’s not our time to die they will rush in and save us.  Many people have shared stories about how they or someone they know should have been killed or seriously injured in a car or other type of freak accident and weren’t.  Many of them will say that they felt someone grab the steering wheel, pick up their body and throw it out of danger or block an object from hitting them.  Because of these types of stories I have always been certain that there are angels among us.  I have even had a couple of experiences where angels intervened and saved me from myself because it wasn’t my time to die.  I was sent what I call “Earth Angels.” 

This story isn’t about my belief in angels so much as it is about one woman whom I believe to be an Earth Angel for a very lucky family.  On November 12, 2010 I had the opportunity to attend Salt Lake City Fire Department’s Awards Banquet with my husband.  Dorcas Freidel was called up to the stage to receive her award of “Citizen Heroism Citation” by KUTV News Anchor, Shawna Lake.  Her story went like this:

“On July 3, 2010, Dorcas Freidel distinguished herself by outstanding heroic service when she came to the aid of her neighbor who was fighting for her life.  On that afternoon Dorcas was summoned from her home by a frantic seven year old child who was screaming that her mother needed help.  Rushing into the victim’s home, Ms. Freidel found a large male on top of and violently assaulting her neighbor near a crying two year old child.  Holding the victim down with one hand and pouring gasoline on the victim with the other, it was evident to Ms. Freidel that the assailant was going to kill her neighbor by lighting her on fire.  Without hesitation or concern for her own safety, Dorcas rushed the attacker, grabbing his arm and preventing him from pouring any more gasoline.  As Ms. Freidel struggled with the assailant the victim was able to break free from her attacker, scoop up her crying child and run from the home.  Shortly after Dorcas exited the home, the assailant ignited the gasoline that he had poured throughout the home in an attempt to burn it down.  Ms. Freidel’s courageous actions undoubtedly saved the lives of the victim and her child.  For her courageous actions, complete disregard for her own safety and selfless devotion to others, Dorcas Freidel is awarded the SLC Fire Department’s Citizen Heroism Citation.”

After Shawna read the story I’m sure there wasn’t a dry eye in the room and at the very least there was a lump in every throat.  How could there not?  This was by far my most favorite award given. 

I’m certain the angels had a hand in saving this little family by giving Dorcas a hero’s strength and courage in a critical moment of need.  This 5 foot woman, appearing to be in her late 50’s and slightly on the plump side, had to have received an extra shot of divine something or other in order to accomplish what she did.  I’m certain of it.  I don’t think the impact of her actions actually sunk in for Dorcas until she received her award.  Afterward, I was in the ladies room, washing my hands, when I heard someone crying.  As I was leaving the room, I saw her exit the stall.  Out in the lobby, I approached Dorcas and thanked her for her service.  I told her I wished EVERYONE in our community would have the courage to do what she did… to step into a situation of great danger and adversity and protect others from harm, especially innocent children.  I gave her a hug and told her how grateful I am for her selflessness.  She is a true Earth Angel!

Have you ever experienced an angel saving you or someone else?  I would love to hear your story.  Thank you for reading mine.