Did she just say ‘Fart’?

I just read in a book that it’s okay to give yourself permission to have flaws.  And to let it be all right that you do have them.

Whew!  I’m glad that’s been stated out loud ‘cause I am loaded with flaws!

I am mostly always 5-10 minutes late to events.  I forget stuff a lot.  Sometimes, I even say the wrong thing at inappropriate times.  And, I fart.  Yes, I said “FART!”  I can hear you giggling and snickering as you read this.  But, c’mon, you know you do it too!  EVERYONE does it!  Some just more than others.  When I eat sugar, I do it more than others. 

One time I farted while the chiropractor was adjusting me. I was laying on my side with that leg over the front of your body pose.  He pushed on me and ‘thplt,” out one slipped!  That stinky little sneaky!  I was mortified!  But heck, I couldn’t help it.  I probably had too much sugar that day, or that week because back then I didn’t know any better.  Whatever!  *rolls eyes!*

Well, that was like 17 years ago!  I’m sure I’m not the only one who has ever farted during a chiropractic adjustment.  I bet it happens all the time.  I’m sure my chiropractor forgot about it a few days after it happened.  Oh, but not me.  I still remember that embarrassing pain like it was yesterday.  Why?

Because I, like 99% off all humans (I made that stat up all by myself), perceive that farting in public is a flaw and I sometimes forget to give myself permission to have flaws.  Interestingly enough, I’m sure that farting is all part of the perfect grand design.  Without it, what do you think would happen?  We’d all be flying around like the Goodyear Blimp.  People would point at me and say “that Erika had waaaaaay to much sugar today, just look at her float!”  And on that note, EVERYONE would know I was full of hot air, and not just my chiropractor.

Not only is farting part of the perfect ‘grand design’ of our digestional system, it also makes room for some funny jokes and uncontrollable giggles.  So I guess the moral of this farting story is to laugh at yourself.  Yes, laugh.  Because you’re human.

Laugh at the spinach in your teeth, your zipper being wide open with your sexy lace undies showing, the booger hanging from your nostril, the words you said and wish you could take back, the salad dressing that dripped off your fork and landed on your shirt, the diarrhea that slipped out in the middle of a job interview…

Oops, did I reveal too many of my flaws?  That last one honestly did not happen to me.  Seriously happened to someone I know though.  It was just too funny not to mention, only because it didn’t happen to me! 

The point of this little blog article is to laugh at yourself.  You and I, well, we are all human, so love yourself no matter what and learn to laugh at your perfectly human “imperfections!”