Last week I had the opportunity to meet an incredible weight loss coach, Tres Hatch. Tres DOES NOT believe in counting calories or lowering caloric intake so low that the body enters starvation mode or even weighing herself. No sireee-bob! Some of her recipes contain butter and cream! As a foodie, I know she’s my kind of coach. And, like me, she struggled with bulimia as a teen and young adult so I love that she gets me. So how in the world does someone release weight without old-school torturous dieting? Well, one of the things she taught me is to start exercising. Start slow and work your way up. Only you know how that looks and how much your body can take. I haven’t exercised for many, many months because I don’t have energy to do it while I’m pregnant and didn’t think I had time to with a new baby. Last week I did some hand weights. Using different exercises for different body parts, I lifted a whopping 5 lbs a whole 10 times! But, it was enough to make me sore. Another day I jumped on the mini-trampoline and did ab exercises on my big pink exercise ball. Yesterday I did some yard work. I like this “slow and steady wins the race” kind of philosophy. Something I learned from Tres’ book was to savor your food and honoring your body when it is no longer hungry. So, I have spent the past week really paying attention to the seasoning, texture, flavors and other aspects of my food. I have also stopped eating when my body tells me it is full. Sunday night this was really difficult because I made Mexican lasagna with my homemade chili verde sauce. I so wanted another helping but knew I wouldn’t be honoring my body if I took one because I was full. Good thing there’s leftovers! Sometimes it takes us hiring a coach to help us work through things and see the world through a different set of lenses. This is one of the reasons I became a coach and mentor. I can give others a gift from my experiences and things I have learned to help me in my life, just as Tres gave me. You can check out Tres’ website and book here.