I had the opportunity last Friday (11/4/11) to speak to a group of former addicts about using essential oils in their journey of healing addiction.  First off, I would love to thank my friend, Sally, for sharing some of her oil blends with me and helping me with the info I needed to do the presentation.  I know a lot, but not everything, about oils.

In the presentation I shared oils that would be great for immediate cravings; they are peppermint, spearmint, cinnamon and clove.  I also shared some oil blends to help with mood.  I did a grounding exercise with them and had them rub either ‘Grounding’ from Young Living or ‘Balance’ from doTerra on their cute little feet.  I talked about how they can use any of the citrus oils (lemon, lime, tangerine, wild orange or grapefruit) to help their body detox.  A few drops of one of these in a water bottle are great to help cells and organs release toxins.  And for those of you who have difficulty drinking water, the citrus flavors are a FANTASTIC way to put some pep into a boring glass of water! 

Detoxing can also be done in a salt-water bath.  When I was pregnant with my now five month old baby, I had very swollen ‘Shrek Feet!’  I took hot salt-water baths with ginger and grapefruit oils to help remove the swelling in my body.  It WORKED wonders!  So, I recommended this to the recoverees as well.  If you want to try this at home, my recipe is 1 c. Epsom salt, 2 c. regular table salt and a few drops each of whatever essential oils you want in it.  Lavender is great to bathe with at night because it helps promote good, restful sleep.  I recommend a salt-water bath after any kind of emotional release work, a massage and even exercise. 

While I was teaching, I had my diffuser running in the background with a blend called Serenity.  Everyone commented on how good it smelled and how peaceful it felt.  I also recommended that they diffuse oils into their homes.  When we have a lot of tension or stress in our house, diffusing a calming oil blend dramatically decreases the amount of drama.   I also took this little diffuser to the hospital when I had my baby last May.  The nurses and my midwife commented on how wonderful it smelled every time they entered my room. 

Sometimes the oils don’t resonate with us and smell STINKY!  I heard funny comments like “this one smells like bong water!”  and “this one smells like a dirty baby diaper!”  The oil that they said smelled like a baby diaper happens to really resonate with me and is in my diffuser right now, it’s called ‘Release’ by Young Living.  We all joked about the participants going to an addiction retreat and ‘huffing’ essential oils!  It was a fun experience and I hope they were able to learn another way to help themselves to heal.

Lastly, I would like to give some props to my friend, Paula Bruce.  As a former addict herself, she now works in the treatment arena as an addiction counselor and is the creator of the life-changing Awakening Retreat.  According to one of the participants at this retreat, Paula is going to revolutionize the way that people who struggle with addictions are treated and healed.  If you or someone you love are interested in more info about Awakening Retreats, please check it out!

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