Myke & Erika at SLCFD Awards & Recognition Gala

This article was written right when I got home on the evening of November 12, 2011.  I didn’t want to forget the feeling so I wrote it then.  Now that the photo to accompany is here I can publish this.  I am so proud of my husband and how far he has come on our journey together!

Tonight was a wonderful night.  I dressed in a fancy dress and had Myke’s cousin do my hair.  I felt like I was going to the prom.  However, this night wasn’t about me; it was about my husband receiving an award at the Salt Lake City Fire Department Awards & Recognition Gala. 

In 2010 he was asked by the chief to serve on the awards gala committee, with the expectation of a two-year commitment.  This year he came home from one of his meetings and said he had been nominated and was probably going to receive an award. 
He and his crew had responded to a hit and run where a homeless man in a wheelchair was hit by the car.  The wheelchair was destroyed.  The crew knew that the relief association was getting rid of some old wheelchairs so they went down to the storage and picked one out that would be suitable for the man and then delivered it to him at the shelter. 

Myke tried to blow off that they were “just doing the right thing.”  I stopped him and said “One – now days, it seems like doing the right thing is often the road less traveled.  Two – You guys do stuff like this all the time just because you’re there and see the need so you step in and help people.  Three – there is nothing wrong with being awarded, so will you PLEASE allow yourself to receive and simply be honored?”  After this conversation, he decided it would be okay to receive the award.  He added that he felt like this award was his validation that his dad, who was also a firefighter and died when Myke was only 10, was proud of him.  Myke spent his life doing things that his dad would be proud of him for, trying to feel that validation.  My husband is a big, macho, tough guy who almost never cries, but this conversation got us both choked up!

So tonight, Myke and his crew from station 1B stood on stage to receive the Meritorious Company Citation award.  He had to bite his lip so the entire department wouldn’t see his tears.  As I witnessed him receiving this award, my pride busted at the seams and my tears let loose, knowing at the same time his dad was in the room tonight feeling very proud that Michael Workman is his son.