I was hangin’ with my girl tribe two Sunday’s ago.  After stuffing ourselves with the most amazing, delicious foods, we sat around and talked.  We each drew a card from a deck of Wayne Dyer’s famous cards and shared how the card we drew is symbolic of our lives right now.  I don’t remember what mine said, exactly, but it was something about “stop saying should…”  I told my friends that “should” is the proverbial emotional baseball bat that I beat myself up with continually.  My friends challenged me to find the joy from my past and focus on that, rather than the victim. 

I went home and pulled out a trunk of my childhood treasures.  I found my sticker collection, funny because stickers still bring me lots of joy!  I taught scrapbooking classes for many years and now I have a sticker collection my inner child would have died for!  I found a certificate for “1st Place in Cake Decorating” from my 9th grade foods class.  Wow!  I still love cake decorating – my kids have never had a store bought cake because I love making them cakes.  I also found my seashell collection from a trip to California when I was in 3rd grade to visit Mickey Mouse and the ocean.  This was my first love affair with Her Salty Majesty!  Then I found a box full of every card I ever received.  Even the love notes from my high school love (aka – ex-husband!)!  Haha!  The card that really struck an emotional cord was the one my mom gave me for high school graduation.  The very last words said “you have so much potential and you are so worthy!” 

What????  I’m worthy!  You mean I’ve been doing all of this healing work for the past 5 years, trying to get over things that have happened to me and things people said because they were making me feel unworthy, and the very person I wanted approval from most already said it to me?  Wow!  This really got me thinking about the stories we tell ourselves.  Those stories set us up for some really great excuses about why we aren’t worthy and don’t deserve to achieve our goals and dreams.  Reading this card five years ago would’ve really solved a few problems!  Oh well, I found it now.  And the cool part about reading it now is that I AM WORTHY to receive its message once again! 

My moral in sharing this little “worthy” story is that you, too, are already worthy.  Hopefully, you don’t have to spend many years of your life figuring it out like I did.  And, if you need help clearing some of your old beliefs that keep you from feeling worthy, give me a call.  I would love to hear your thoughts on finding your worthiness or even your continued struggle to find worthiness.  Thank you for reading!