I’m not a big fan of making New Year’s Resolutions.  By the end of January they seem to have faded and whatever willpower or motivation I started with at the beginning of the month quickly fizzles out.

I am a fan of creating goals and actually implementing them and I do have some big ones for 2012!  One of my big goals is to release 40-45 lbs, or more realistically drop from a snug size 16 to a 12 since I don’t weigh myself.    I’m done having babies so it’s time to release the extra baby fat I put on with my first baby 9 years ago!  I don’t do starvation or deprivation well, so I decided to do a mostly plant-based diet, sometimes known as vegan.  Because I’m a meat-eating vegan I will still consume organic animals, but will be eliminating sugar and most dairy for sure.  I do need a little cheese though – vegan cheese just isn’t right!  I have been preparing for this day for several years by taking classes and buying appliances, such as a food processor and a Vitamix blender.  I know what to do and this part won’t be hard.  The part that will be a challenge is working through the emotional aspects that keep me overweight.  I am prepared to deal with the emotions by employing several of my healer and coach friends to help me through it.  I believe a support system is essential!

A couple of tools I use to be successful with my goals are a LifeVision and a vision board.  A vision board hangs on your wall and is loaded with pictures or words of the things you would like to attract into your life.  You stare at it a few minutes each day and focus on the feelings you will have when those things are achieved.  LifeVision is your voice recorded to baroque music.  In the recording you give very detailed explanations of your goals and dreams, making sure they stay positive, and once again on the emotions and feelings felt when goals are achieved.  Then you simply listen every day.  I will be having a LifeVision expert on one of my conference calls this month so watch for more info to come.  If you would like a referral for a LifeVision coach, I would be happy to refer you to one of my amazing friends! 

Happy goal achieving in 2012!


Image Source:  Google Images, keywords New Year 2012.