At the beginning of January, a friend of mine asked me to teach a class at the Transformation Station.  I said “sure,” but wondered what will I teach about?  I pondered for a while and thought “I could teach about healthy expression of emotion or forgiveness.”  After speaking at Kearns Jr. High on the 18th of January, I immediately knew I should teach on forgiveness and before I even left the parking lot, I called my friend to set a date. 

The very week I posted an event on facebook for my forgiveness class and began promoting it, adversity kicked in.  I had a family member making passive aggressive comments to me about it.  When I deleted the comments I was then accused of being a fraud.  That same week my friend, Tiffany Peterson, posted her TEDx video on facebook.  It was about adversity teaching us authenticity training.  I sure needed to see that video! 

It’s completely ironic that once you draw your line in the sand and stand by your message, the adversity shows up.  I decided to choose to not let her have power over me.  I know who I am and know what I have witnessed, in my own personal life and while working with clients.  Every single time I work with a client on forgiveness, they heal.  Not just a little.  We’re talking life-changing! 

As we dance in this world so often filled with adversity and opposition, I invite you to ask yourself: Have I ever thought that another person doesn’t deserve forgiveness?  Have I been so angry at watching recent news stories that I wanted to curse someone to rot in hell?  Have I ever been wounded in such a way that I don’t want to re-visit that previous pain again?  Have I ever wanted to forgive but just don’t know how?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, I recommend being at my forgiveness class on March 7th.  It’s called “Forgiveness is NOT a 4-letter word!”  Cost to attend is $39, but if you purchase your ticket before the day is over on Friday, February 10th, you get to attend for only $18!  Click here to visit my EventBrite page and register. 

  • I will teach you what forgiveness is REALLY all about. 
  • I will teach you HEALTHY ways to work through resentment and anger. 
  • I will teach processes YOU can use in your daily life to FORGIVE those have caused you pain.
  • I will teach you how to not get sucked in to the newsmedia, where hatred and anger are fueled. 

I am so grateful for Tiffany and that she shared her TEDx video when she did.  Here are some excerpts: 

Within every adversity is a seed of equal or greater opportunity.  ~ Napoleon Hill

Your Maker will never put a dream in your heart that you can’t put in your hand.  You have to be prepared for and handle that dream.  Treat your adversities like gifts, rather than enemies.  Transform your pain into purpose.  Whatever you are going to teach the world, you get to learn and apply.  We teach most what we need to learn.  Welcome it and ask “what are you here to teach me?”  Your adversities are gifts wrapped in unattractive packages.

Tiffany’s Video: