This past Sunday I had the opportunity to be on K-Talk radio for the Inspired Conversations program with my friend Shantel McBride.  My other friend, Tara Starling, with Starling Beauty, was the other guest.  As Tara shared her message with listeners, Shantel and I just sat and watched her talk.  We were both completely captivated! 

Tara shared about her experience as a Hollywood make-up artist and how actors and actresses go in for a shoot and ask her to make them look beautiful.  She talked about the process a model goes through to get just one single photo into a magazine.  And this one perfect photo (out of ten thousand), that has been Photo-Shopped is what we are comparing our own beauty to.  It’s not even real!  Wow! 

Taking Back Beauty’ is Tara’s beauty movement whose mission is to debunk the beauty myths once and for all.  She is tossing out the artificial images created by the media that tell us “we are not beautiful, we are not worthy and we will never be enough!”  She says “the moment a woman realizes her true worth and sees her own Beauty, EVERYTHING within and around her changes.”

At the end of the radio program, I was so touched and moved by her message that I came home to write my own Beauty Manifesto.  I posted it and it’s on the site now.  I challenge everyone who reads this to go to Tara’s website and create your own Beauty Manifesto.  Click on “I want to use my voice” to upload yours.  Imagine the lives that will be changed by being part of this movement!