I was recently scrolling through Facebook and I read this post from a friend whom I’ve never met, but we’ll call her Lola.  Lola is frequently posting things about how sick she is or about how bad her luck is.  This particular post struck me so I’m writing about it:

“I will not get angry.  I will not get angry.  I will not get angry.  Even though I really want to.  My, oh my, is Satan giving it all he’s got, and I’m not gonna let him win.”

One of the comments in response to this was:  “Tell him to go and bother someone else.  You need a break!” 

Wow!  I’m always telling people to honor their emotions and get angry.  I guess I’m going to HELL for sure!  I have a sneaky feeling that Lola is way off base.  You see, by holding our emotions in, we stay miserable a lot longer.  We dishonor ourselves, therefore we dishonor our divinity.  When we dishonor our divinity, we dishonor our Creator.  While I don’t know the exact circumstances of Lola’s rant, I do know that if she were to allow herself to get angry and scream, kick, punch or throw something, she would feel much better.  (Of course it’s not responsible to do this to people or animals, but doing it to inanimate objects is perfectly acceptable).  Working the yucky emotions out makes space for more joy, gratitude, freedom, etc.  And quite frankly, when you dishonor yourself and stay miserable, guess who wins?   NOT YOU!