I was doing a call today with one of my coaches, Marilyn Sorenson.  She does hand analysis and helps you to come into your soul’s purpose simply by identifying the markings in your hands.  Everyone has a school, mine is Service; the others are love, peace and wisdom.  Some folks even have two schools.  As someone in the school of service, I also get to learn sacrifice.  Or, rather than learn it, balance the two. 

As a mother, sometimes balancing service with sacrifice is tough!  Especially when you have a sick baby, like I’ve had this past week.  There’s always the teething factor, which I can’t always tell if teeth are coming in or it’s something more.   In addition to teething, baby had pink-eye.  Yep, she woke up on Memorial Day from her nap and had some nasty eye-boogies that looked almost as bad as her gushing nose.  And don’t forget the diarrhea and flesh-eating diaper rash.  On Tuesday, off to the Dr. we went.  The Dr. said baby had the tiniest bit of red inside her left ear.  Ok, I thought, we’ll head to Dave’s Health & Nutrition to get some garlic oil too.  I got busy and forgot that part.  By Thursday, eyes looked great, but she had a fever and was really sick.  She wouldn’t take Tylenol unless I snuck it into a bottle or a nap unless I was holding her.  I headed to Dave’s after all.  I got some garlic oil and some homeopathic earache tablets.  After a few hours baby started doing better, but I was really starting to feel sick – sore throat, fever and generally exhausted.  I even went to bed early!  *gasp*  But although I was feeling sick the baby, and the rest of the family for that matter, still expected me to continue with my regular duties.

I was telling Marilyn about all of this on our call today.  She reminded me that I, being in the school of service, would really love to have someone hold me until I fell asleep – running their fingers through my hair and stroking my cheek and pouring their love into me, just like I do for my baby.  I started to cry.  As a mother, I (and maybe you do to) often feel like you give and give and give.  When it comes to the family, everyone expects you to do what you’ve always done and chaos and discord envelop if you don’t.  This reminded me that I deserve to take care of myself.  Toss the ‘To Do’ list, be lazy, feed myself fruits and veggies to help me heal, take a nap and a hot bath.  Oh yes, and tell the fam to fend for themselves, at least for a minute until I start feeling better.   

As I get ready to head to my soft comfy bed for a nap, I remind you to take care of YOU!  You can only serve others if your cup is full.  Better yet, serve from the part that runneth over.  If there is nothing running over, then pull back and rejuvenate.  As women and mothers, we deserve to be treated well and nurtured, but we get to commit to taking matters into our own hands.  No one else is going to do it for you!