The last 6-8 months have been exceptionally painful for me.  I didn’t realize until January this year that I have been hiding, but as I was looking back at 2012 and making plans for 2013, I discovered I hadn’t done many things I normally do, including writing my blog articles and newsletters.  I suppose I typically share my heart and soul with people to provide inspiration.  Not this time!  I really needed to shut down and stay hidden. 

I’m not quite ready to share my experiences just yet, but can say that I will be teaching my lessons learned from a stage someday.  My personal challenges the last six months have forced me to understand and practice forgiveness on a completely different level.  Yea!  New class material!


As I retreated in the safety of my cocoon, I have been reading and journaling, crying my tears and going to my favorite healers to help me work through the pain.  Along the way, I found a book by Stuart Wilde called Infinite Self.  I love his writing style because he’s down to earth, easy to read and understand.  And he swears!  His writing wrapped around my heart as my eyes rolled over the first cuss word! 

On page 27, Wilde discusses having gratitude for all of our lessons and teachers that cross our paths.

He says “Thank you, God, for sending me those teachers.  They are driving me crackers, yet what they’re teaching me is not to react.  They strengthen me by teaching me to transmute negative energy into positive.  Using these people, I will convert irritation, hatred, and reaction into at least a neutral energy or passivity or, if possible, love.  These assholes are my venerated teachers.  I am truly grateful to God for sending me so many assholes… Isn’t it fantastic that almost free of charge, I’m surrounded by 55 assholes who are going to teach me a lot about myself?” 

These are the words I needed to read during this time of healing.  Wilde totally got me laughing about my life and my own set of assholes that are here to teach me powerful, but seemingly painful, lessons.  I couldn’t help but giggle out loud as I read this paragraph.

With a healing heart, who is growing and learning just like you, I challenge you to thank God for all of the assholes in your life, who show you what you’re really made of.  And keep your eyes open for my next forgiveness class coming in the 2nd half of 2013, where I will be revealing my new insights and paths to forgiveness.