Last weekend a family member told us she worries about my husband.  Every time she hears about a fallen firefighter or hears the sound of an engine’s siren blaring by, she fears for him.  Yes, my husband has a high risk job.  Yes, there is always the possibility of him being killed in the line of duty.  But do I worry myself sick about it?  Absolutely not!  I can’t.  It’s no fun to spend your life living in fear.  This one time… at band camp… oh, wrong story… I was on the phone with my husband when I heard the dispatcher on the speaker in the background.  He was called to a fire and had to go.  I worried myself sick all day long until I heard from him later that night.  The fire didn’t even take them that long to put out but he had been busy and didn’t have time to call us back until much later.  That day I decided that I couldn’t spend my life worrying about him.  We all die and when it’s our time, it’s our time.  No amount of fear or worry is going to change that.  He loves his job and loves going to work and for me that’s the biggest payoff for having a high risk job. No fear

In the past I’ve worried myself over money and feared financial ruin.  I thought we would come close a few times.  I even survived a bankruptcy.  The ironic part of that bankruptcy was that initially I thought it would bring financial ruin, yet in reality it turned into financial freedom. 

Abraham Hicks says “what you think upon expands.”  It’s true.  If you’re always worrying about bad stuff happening, it will.  You keep your energy stuck with the negative so that there is no room for the positive to enter into your life.  Lately I’ve been doing meditations where I picture white light pouring into my chakras.  I picture myself in the middle of a river with money flowing to me.  I reach out my hands and gather a bunch of it up.  And guess what?  I’m having unexpected money coming my way.  New clients are contacting me.  Focusing on money coming my way and into my arms is working.  If I were sitting around focusing on lack, that’s what I would have.  But instead I’m experiencing what it’s like to have abundance. 

As a teen I struggled with bulimia.  From a very young age I started dieting and worrying about getting fat.  Guess what I did?  After I had my first baby I got fat!  The ironic part is that my organs and glands that control hormones and metabolism quit doing their jobs and no amount of dieting and crazy exercise would make me lose weight.  I’m currently in the process of healing those organs so I can release the extra weight. 

I have a friend who has released quite a lot of weight.  She said that she has cut her portion sizes and tries to stop eating when she’s full.  No other methods of dieting than that.  When she looks into the mirror she tells her body “hello beautiful, you’re looking thin!”  Instead of picking herself apart and focusing on fat rolls, she’s being kind to herself and focusing on being thin in a healthy way.  I’ve been trying to remember to say kind things to myself in the mirror.  It’s not easy, especially considering my past eating disorder, but it feels really good when I do it.  It’ll be a fun experiment to see how it works out. 

So the moral of these stories is when you find yourself thinking about what you don’t want, or what you are afraid of happening, switch your focus to what you DO want.  It’ll make the world of difference.  If you’re in a situation where you have something that you don’t necessarily want, but it’s the best you have in the moment – a crappy job, for instance, focus on the gratitude you have for that thing.  The job may pay your bills.  It may have taught you quite a few new skills.  You may have made new friendships.  The list goes on.  Tell yourself “when the time comes I will have this new “thing” that I am ready for.”  And keep focusing on the gratitude.  Having gratitude and focusing on what you DO want will make a world of difference for you!  I wish you excellent luck and lots of peace!