A friend posted on Facebook recently, asking if we had more peace or drama in our lives.  I replied with “mostly peace and some drama.” 

Lately in my house it feels like more drama than peace.  Kids have been making big messes, throwing fits, not following directions, etc.  Can you relate?  Unfortunately, I have resorted to behaving in ways that leave me feeling less than:  yelling a lot, losing my patience, and I even told my kids that their behavior made me want to run away and live by myself in my own apartment.  Ack!  They probably feel the same way about me.

Stressed Out Woman

On the friend’s FB post about peace vs. drama, someone said “my life is usually peaceful, but when drama shows up I have something to learn.”  These words were intended just for me.  What do I need to learn or remember?  Well, I remembered that I have a full bottle of Rescue Remedy that I could give to everyone, including me.  I could sit down and do some EFT or Reiki on me AND my kids to diffuse things.  I could do some journaling and explore my beliefs about how I’m showing up for my children and how I believe they “should” behave. 

As I sit and write about these beautiful gifts I have been given to help others heal, I realize they were really given to me to help myself and my family first.  I realized that I want everyone to be perfect and not need me so I can be there for everyone else.  The lesson in the drama is that I need to be there for the ones that matter most, the ones I gave life to and made a spiritual commitment to.

What if, instead of yelling, I sit down and hold my children and do some Reiki and just look in their eyes?  What if I make them feel like they matter to me and are heard by me?  What if they can trust that I will listen to them, and be an example so they can follow directions and listen to me?  I realize I haven’t been showing up for them 100% but have expected them to show up at least that much.  And they’re kids!   As I write these words, I understand what the drama has really been about – me not being present.

Thank you, random FB comments for making me go within to see what is going on, rather than blaming my loved ones for being “not so perfect.”  I’m also grateful to myself for being willing to see things from a higher perspective than victimhood. 

My intention for being real and sharing my very personal learning experiences and discoveries, as a not-so-perfect human being, is to assist you in solving the great “drama” mysteries in your life.  Be willing to go within and see how you are showing up to those that matter most.  May peace be with you.