We live in a world where there are an abundance of things to do.  Facebook invitations offering anything from cooking classes to zumba bombard our walls regularly.  We are constantly skipping one thing to attend another.  I know many people who feel like they have to attend every event to support their friends.  It can all be so overwhelming! 

Sometimes, there comes an urgency to do nothing.  Or only do things that bring you joy.  Taking a nap sounds like one of the best things that’s NOT on the ‘to do’ list.  Sitting under your favorite shade tree, sipping a glass of sun tea and relaxing with your favorite book may be quite appealing as well. 

For me personally, I find that when things get tense and I need to unwind, doing things that bring me joy are the best way to bring myself back around.  Two of my favorites are digital scrapbooking and gardening – even pulling weeds makes me happy.  Once upon a time, I taught scrapbooking classes.  For quite a few years I packed my trunk with heavy bags and luggage on wheels to go into women’s homes and teach them how to organize photos and put them into albums.  One day, I decided that packing my truck and lifting all the heavy stuff was no longer fun for me so I quit doing it.  Now, I like to sit in front of my computer with my handy-dandy digital scrapbooking program.  I make scrapbook pages like before – only this time I make them digitally rather than with paper and scissors.  This brings me loads of joy!  And, I forgot to mention, I can do this in my jammies with my hair in a pony tail and no make-up on!

My GardenAnother thing I really enjoy doing in my jammies is gardening.  Yes, I garden in my jammies!  I have an 8’ block fence that makes me feel like my backyard neighbors can’t see into my quiet space.  I frequently go outside to pick lettuce or chard for my morning smoothie and twenty minutes later I realize I have watered plants and pulled weeds too.  I know many people who detest pulling weeds.  For me, it connects me to Mother Earth.  I get soil on my hands, my feet in the dirt and revitalize my body with her powerful energy.  Of course, my favorite part is planting seeds and new little plants in the spring.  I go around the yard and spread my love over all of them, encouraging them to grow. 

When life gets to be too much, give yourself a break and do things that bring you joy.  Incidentally, being in nature and doing creative projects are fantastic ways to reduce stress and get your creative juices going for other, more pressing projects you may have on your plate.  Your mind, body and spirit will love you for it!