Oh. My. Gosh!!! Life is interesting sometimes. I took a sabbatical last year (aka, I got a J.O.B.). I wanted to get out of the house. My little two year old child was driving me crazy. So I got me a retail job. Soon I was resenting my whole family for making me get this job. (Because they held a gun to my head!  *eye roll*)

Then my grandma died in October 2013. It’s interesting how death of a loved one has a way of rebooting your life. My perspective about my relationship with my youngest child started to change. I did some healing work for me, and for my grandma, because the struggles I was dealing with about parenting were patterns of hers I took on through my DNA. I no longer resented the ones I love most. I started to experience so much gratitude for them, and even for the job.

My cute little family being silly so the 2 year old would cooperate.

My cute little family being silly so the 2 year old would cooperate for pictures in grandma’s garden.

I survived the insane holiday season at the retail gig! My body doesn’t love being on my feet for 8 hours at a time, but I made it. In January 2014 I became partners with my friend Lauri at the Fiore’ Studio in West Jordan. I now had a place where I could get out of the house to teach classes and see clients. I received inspiration from my spirit guides that it was time to be done.  In February I quit my job.

Life has been hoppin’ ever since! It’s funny how when you get a place to do the work you love most, the people show up…. the work shows up. I had the opportunity to go to a Business Intensive Retreat last week (April 2-4, 2014) facilitated by Kim Flynn that rocked my world and changed my life and how will do business forever. It was so powerful!

So, here I am, declaring to the world that I AM back!