I don’t have a lot of weeds in my yard because I enjoy gardening, including pulling weeds. This morning glory (also known as bind weed) stuff, however, is a different story. It’s the bane of my existence! This spring I went out with a shovel and dug deep into the dirt, pulling out lots of morning glory by the roots. I did this twice! Then I went on a long, two-week vacation only to come back to a yard COVERED in this stupid bind weed. Ugh! I went out into the yard with my special homemade weed killer (see below for recipe) and a box of Ziploc sandwich bags. I know, weird combination, but if you shove the morning glory vines into the bags along with some of the homemade weed killer, it dies. I tried a few baggies full before my trip and the places I did it didn’t have as much re-growth.


As I was out filling dozens of baggies with pesky vines and my special vinegar solution, I started thinking about a very personal struggle I’ve been dealing with lately, or more likely all of my life. I got pissed off for a minute. Even had some tears. For a second I wanted to scream. Then I felt sad. I kept thinking “if I can just figure out the core issue of this and heal it, I’ll be done with it. I am so sick of this!!!” Then I started laughing because it is exactly how I feel about bind weed! I love my life like I love my garden, with my whole heart, but this issue (and this pesky morning glory) keep me from being able to truly enjoy them both fully. I decided that it’s time to find a mentor that specializes in this area to help me heal things once and for all. As for the morning glory war, I’m hoping my highly scientific experiment works once and for all as well. I just hope my neighbors don’t think I’m too crazy when they see the hundreds of sandwich baggies all over my yard!

Weed killer:

I’m boycotting Monsanto for their destruction to the environment and to our food supply so I will not be spending another cent on products like Round Up. Thanks to a FB article posted by my husband’s cousin, I found my new favorite weed killer.

Mix 2 cups of Epsom salts with 1 gallon of plain old white vinegar. When the Epsom is dissolved, add ¼ c. regular blue Dawn dish soap and mix gently. You could use a spray bottle or weed sprayer for a variety of weeds. For bind weed I highly recommend placing ¼ – ½ c. of the magic solution into a sandwich baggie, stuff the vines and leaves in as far as you can and seal the bag up as much as possible. Leave lying on the dirt or propped up in shrubs and plants until the weeds are dead and solution is dissolved. The thirsty leaves will suck up the solution all the way to the roots. Be cautious about spilling the solution onto your plants and lawn because they could die too.