Anger – why do people do it?

Let’s talk about anger for a second….

Lots of people do anger to get others to react. So what if, instead of reacting with anger, you ask questions?

  • What did the person mean by that?
  • What part of that is loving & caring?
  • What part of that is just to be mean to me?

When you ask a question, you go into the place of potency and power, even action. But, no reaction. No anger.

When you have someone who loves to push your buttons, they are trying to get you to react.

And when you do, you prove to the other person they are right! (at least in their mind). And the cycle persists.

That last part really hit me… it lit up my brain! Wow!


I’ve been reading a book called Living Beyond Distraction by Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer.

It discusses all of these distractor implants, including anger. The rest are rage, fury, hate, blame, shame, regret, guilt, addiction, compulsion, obsession, perverted points of view, love, sex, jealousy, peace, life, death, living, reality, fear, doubt, business, and relationship.

If any of these distractor implants are playing out in your life and keeping you stuck this book might be super helpful for you. I’m only on the first chapter and it’s already rocking my world!   Check it out here.



Panic Attacks – are they what we think they are?

Have you ever had a panic attack?

That feeling…. That you’re gonna die! Something bad is gonna happen…. FREAK the FREAK out!

I’ve been there. It’s so much fun! Said no one, ever.

I used to have them from needle phobia – things like blood draws and shots at the dentist’s office. When I was pregnant with my oldest child I had to do the 3 hour glucose test, creating so much trauma in my world. My friend came and held my hand. In that moment we figured out that the smell of the alcohol pad triggered it. I started pinching my nose and that helped a lot. Then I took a hypnobirthing class. Learning how to breathe and do self hypnosis was invaluable to me. Those things have helped me for many years.

Here’s a twist on panic attacks.

I was at a class, listening to my mentor facilitate someone who struggles with panic attacks. Dr. Dain Heer said that people experience panic attacks for a few different reasons. And it’s not what you think it is.

  1. We have capacities with people who died.
  2. We have capacities with entities and demons.
  3. People are afraid of how powerful they are.
  4. Or, all of the above.

And it hit me…. Holy crap! Those all apply to me! That explained so much in my world and my body lit up.

Dain went on to talk about anything that you make significant causes you give up power and control. If you don’t make demons, entities, and even dead loved ones more significant than you, you win. You’re always in charge. They can’t do anything to you. A demon might try to tell you that you don’t have any power, but they do. When you buy into that they gradually erode your power and potency.
You have to acknowledge that you are the one with power over you, not them. You have to stop buying the lie and pretending to be weak and pathetic.

Knowing this, and acknowledging my capacities with the dead and with demons and entities has changed this panic thing even more for me. As I claim my power and capacities the anxiety and panic vanish more and more.

What else is possible now?

Can your kids be greater than you?

Do your kids have permission to be greater than you? Or better yet, do they even know this is an option?

My teenage daughter, Kenya, attended the Energetic Synthesis of Being (ESB) class with me a couple of weeks ago. She got up to the mic and asked for some facilitation regarding ulcerative colitis.

Dr. Dain Heer gave her a bunch of processes and clearings to run, but he also said this:

Everywhere you’re not willing to be greater than your mom because she’s such a controlling… you know… let’s destroy and uncreate that.

What energy, space and consciousness can I be to be greater than my mom and all of my grandmas for all eternity?

Being great means that you can see what everybody is doing, not be affected by it, and just look for possibilities. Being a teenage superior bitch and acting like you’re better than others isn’t being great. Be the greatness you can be. The reason I’m saying be greater than your mom and your grandmas is because they are people you aware of, if you allow yourself to be greater than them, you will be an energy that will allow your space to increase and so will theirs. You can use anyone as a reference point, but because they are so close to you, if you’ll run the clearing you will stop cutting off energies that they cut off and you’ll be able to receive them and have them in your body and not have to cut off the energy of being you have available.

That last part was a lot to comprehend! Basically he was saying that when you cut off the energies in you that you perceive in others, you are denying your greatness.

Later at our hotel that night, I asked Kenya if she’s ever given any thought to being greater than her parents. She wasn’t even aware of that as a possibility. Like “who is actually greater than their parents?”

I told her that I want my kids to be greater than me. I want them to out create me. I want them to be more, do more, have more, etc.

Part of the reason I do what I do is so that they CAN be greater than me.

Through the conversation Kenya all of a sudden got a glimpse that it’s okay to be greater than our parents and it became a possibility in her world.

So, where are you not allowing yourself to be greater than others? And how would your life change if you allowed yourself to be?

And like Dain said, being greater doesn’t mean you have to be a superior bitch. Stop cutting off the energies of you and be the greatness YOU can BE.



It starts with you asking a question or making a demand from the Universe.

The Universe begins to rearrange itself in order to give you what you’re asking for. One of the keys is to be patient with yourself and with the Universe as things unfold for you.

From consciousness, creation occurs from a different place than what everyone thinks. Creation is this:

  • Ask
  • Acknowledge your asking
  • Be willing to receive

From the moment you ask, if it’s something you’re really willing to have, everything that isn’t congruent with you having and being that starts to show up in your world. All the crap shows up. Then you begin wondering what’s wrong with you and doubting yourself. This process is you getting congruent with what you’re asking for.

Think of an area of your life you might want to change.

Get a sense of how it would be to have that change. Get the energy of it and bathe in it for a moment. Acknowledge that you’re asking. Then, ask the Universe to make it as easy as possible. “Consciousness, hook me up! Give me everything you’ve got. I am willing to change anything I need to in order to have this.”

And say this mantra. “All of life comes to me with ease, joy & glory.”

  • Be willing to be in a space of ease.
  • Be willing to have joy.
  • Be willing to have glory – the exuberant expression and abundance of everything.

This mantra applies to all of your life, not just the good stuff. No one has a life where only good stuff happens to them. But even with the good, bad and ugly you can still have ease, joy and glory.

Also know, if something has to change and things get sticky or yucky, you may require a facilitator of some sort to help you get out of the funk. Or you can ask more questions and find more tools to help. I’ve got lots of those too.

~ Parts of this are excerpts from the Energetic Synthesis of Being 0317 class by Dr. Dain Heer.

I choose ME! I choose FUN!


I’ve been thinking a lot about it since my Conscious Business Retreat last week. And, again after an Access Bars® exchange with some dear friends last night, this concept of “Choice” has left me pondering a lot about it today.

One of the questions my friends asked me last night, as I shared some things I’ve been struggling with is:

Are you willing to choose you?

Am I?

This is something I have been playing on and off since I returned from my Choice of Possibilities class in August. I pondered on the ways I have been choosing greater and choosing me since then.

After I left that class two months ago, I knew I required MORE FUN in my life. Like it is life and death imperative to have more FUN!
Soon after, I went to a line dancing class with my friend and had a blast, even at the risk of my husband accusing me of having a boyfriend. I received his judgment, giggled inside, and chose ME anyway.

A few weeks ago my sister was in town. I had mountains of produce in my kitchen, waiting to be bottled. I also had a retreat to prepare for the following weekend. I sent my kids with my sister to a family gathering so I could stay home and get my canning done. Taking action was the only thing that would alleviate the overwhelm in that 10 seconds. When my kids returned I heard “grandma says family is everything, even more important than tomatoes.” I received the judgment and told my kids “that’s an interesting point of view.” And I still chose ME with absolutely no guilt.


The following week, I needed to be in the mountains to see the changing colors and receive an energetic contribution from the earth. So, I packed up my ornery kids (yes, they were quite grumpy I was making them go), we got in the car and headed up the canyon. I knew it would be healing for them as well. I felt like I was suffocating here in the valley and in my home. Despite their protests, I chose ME. Again.

I choose EASE.
I choose FUN.
I choose ME.

Some days I’m not perfect at it. I have to ask myself if I’m willing to choose 5 or 10% greater.

At my Conscious Business Retreat, my friend and I were looking for something in the kitchen at the cabin. She asked an awesome question:

“What would make this easy?”

We found the object right away and I giggled.

That question has been ringing in my ears for a week now and I’ve been playing with it a lot.

I have been asking this next question a lot since I came home from Choice of Possibilities:

“What would make this fun for me? What fun things could I choose today?”

Another question I came across today in my study time is:

“If I were truly creating my life with the universe, and allowing the universe to contribute to my whole life today, what would I choose right away?”

Since that one is so powerful I’m going to keep asking it and playing with the energy of it.

What do you choose?

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