Why I talk to inanimate objects and you should too.

Water heaterLast November I walked into our utility room to change the furnace filter and noticed a little water coming out of the water heater.  It was 15 years old and I wasn’t surprised.  I thanked it for its service and for doing such a great job for our family.  I told it that I just spent $3800 on training classes and another $4000 on Disneyland so my savings was a little low.  I asked the water heater a really important question:  Water heater, would it be possible for you to give me a few months more service so I can rebuild my savings account?

I closed the door and walked away.

Six months later, I walked into the utility room once again to change the furnace filter and noticed a very steady flow of water coming from the water heater.  I sent my husband a text and asked him to contact his friend and get a quote.  Everything was in flow.  We had the money in savings and felt zero stress over spending $500 on a new water heater.  How does it get any better than that?

You, too, can talk to objects, your business, your job, your relationships, etc.  I know, it’s totally weird.  But, weird is fun!  And, weird works.  Would this tool help you get rid of the trauma and drama of things working right or falling apart?  Or would you rather stay addicted to struggle?  What else is possible in your world?


Would you be willing to stop judging you?

Recently, I worked with a client who had been judging himself relentlessly. These other healers he knows can see inside other people’s bodies, can see dead people, etc. He wants that and has been beating himself up for not having it. The first thing I asked him was “Are you willing to stop judging you?”

I shared with him some examples of what gifts and capacities look like. My dad, for instance, can fix anything! He’s an electrician by trade. When I was growing up he would fix cars, appliances, anything around the house that was broken. He knows what to do, he just knows.

So I went into adulthood thinking that is just what men do – they fix things. Then I married my husband, who doesn’t fix things. Our washer went out recently. Because of my dad’s example I knew that finding the part and replacing it was super easy. With a little help from YouTube we fixed it ourselves. My hubby, on the other hand, is one of the strongest and most courageous men I know. In his prime he could bench press 450 lbs, now he can bench about 300-350 lbs. That’s still a lot! He saves people for a living. Running into a burning building to find another person doesn’t faze him. He just does it. He’s a protector and doesn’t let fear stop him.

A capacity that I have is my ability to cook intuitively. I can make a recipe and experiment with it to make it better. I might add more garlic, or some cumin, or take something out. I just know what to do. Once upon a time I thought everyone cooked from scratch. I remember the first time a friend told me she used a cake mix. I was like “what? You don’t make your own cake?” I thought everyone cooked like I do because it’s so easy for me.

My point in sharing these stories was to get my client to see that we all have capacities and gifts, although they may look vastly different when we compare ourselves to others. He began to acknowledge his gifts and capacities and told me about them. And I said “you just know how to do these things. You are brilliant at them and make them look easy.” I also told him that I am aware of his healing capacities. He is a healer too. He wouldn’t have the wife or children he has (I know the family a little) if he weren’t a healer. He lit up. The energy of who he IS, is naturally healing, he doesn’t even have to try. But he hasn’t been willing to let that in because he’s been judging himself for what he doesn’t have.

judgy old man

The challenge is, when we judge the crap out of ourselves for not being like someone else, we are denying the gifts we DO have. When you stop judging yourself, you can receive ALL of you.

Would you be willing to stop judging yourself?

Would you be willing to stop making yourself wrong?

Would you be willing to receive all of you?

What else is possible here?

What are you not acknowledging?

That if you did acknowledge, it would change everything?


Photo Credit:  PsychologyToday.com

Photo credit:  PsychologyToday.com

Are You Blocking Yourself From Receiving?

Energy can be intense. The perceived “negative” energy of others can be intense.

I was at the New Consciousness Expo recently and the Wild Woman’s Symposium a couple of weeks before that and the subject of other’s energy, and shielding from it, came up several times.

Here’s what I know about it. (And it’s probably not the most popular point of view in the metaphysical world).

When you decide that you have to “shield” yourself from others energy, the only thing you are truly blocking out is YOU. When you have barriers up, you can’t receive much. You can’t even receive YOU. We haven’t been given the tools to deal with our awareness about what is going on in our world. So we try to shield it by placing ourselves in bubbles, walls, shields, etc.

Keep Out!

Here are some things you can do instead:

  1. Ask questions! Body, what are we aware of? What is right about this? Whose energy is this? What have I made so vital about taking on other people’s energy?
  2. Return to sender. When you ask “Is this mine or someone else’s?” determine if it is yours or not. When it belongs to someone else, simply say “return to sender with consciousness attached.”
  3. Destroy & uncreate the judgment you have about other people’s emotions – sadness, anger, resentment, joy and even happiness, etc.
  4. Get your Bars® ran! One of the bars (points) that we work on in a session is called the Implant Band, right behind the ears. This is where ALL the thoughts, ideas, beliefs, considerations, attitudes, emotions, and judgments that belong to others, whether you align and agree with it or resist and reacted to, that allowed this stuff from other people to be implanted in you in the first place. Holding the implant band makes this stuff dissolve! Having Bars run also dissolves triggers that may have you go into reaction of other people, rather than simply being aware.
  5. Expand your infinite being. Most people want to hide and make themselves smaller, but if you expand your being things hurt less. Notice how far away from your body your infinite being is hanging out. Now expand it 100 miles in all directions, including down into the earth. Expand it 1000 miles, 50,000 miles, 100,000 miles, and beyond. I’m quite fond of bumping up against the moon, Jupiter, Pluto, etc. I play with going as big as the Milky Way Galaxy and beyond. The bigger your infinite being IS, the less intensity other people’s energy can impact you with.

Before I go into a client session, I lower my barriers and expand my infinite being. I often ask clients and students to do this as well. I lower my barriers when I am with my friends, at an event or class, when I’m having sex, etc. Why? Because I want to receive MORE! When things feel intense I expand my infinite being (when I remember to do so – I’m getting better at this). I also get my Bars and other energetic body processes done regularly.

Does an Infinite Being really need to be protected or shielded? NO! They are infinite!

So, instead of putting yourself in a bubble, or behind a wall or shield, try these tools instead.  I’m curious how they’ll work for you.  What else is possible?


I’m a student of Access Consciousness and one of the many topics they teach about is relationships. Because we just celebrated (or loathed, depending on your point of view) Valentine’s Day, this is topic has been on my mind. My parents had a pretty rocky relationship and were married to and divorced from each other twice. I didn’t have a great example of how to do relationships.

For many years I created a lot of chaos and turbulence in my own marriage. Now I know that I was mimicking my parents’ relationship. For the most part I consciously went into my marriage 15 years ago. I had a list of things that were important to me and I couldn’t live without. And he met all of those things. I have a pretty good husband – he is an awesome co-parent, he does laundry, cooks, provides for our family, he’s supportive of what I want to do, etc.  So why did I create so much upset?

According to Access Consciousness, the 3 elements of a good relationship are (these things are reciprocal):

  1. The person is good in bed
  2. They provide money
  3. They allow you to do whatever you want to do, whenever you want to do it; and you allow them the same.

And then there are the five elements of intimacy:

  • Trust
  • Honor
  • Vulnerability
  • Allowance
  • Gratitude

My relationship has all of those things most of the time. Sometimes the 5 elements of intimacy fluctuate a bit, but they do exist for us. So why, every 6 months or so do I create these upsets (aka fights), and then start thinking about divorce afterwards? I’ve been asking a lot of questions. And getting a lot of answers.

Erika & Myke - by Aleshia Jex Simpson

First, I realized I have mimicked my parents’ pattern (as I mentioned above) of getting in a fight and separating every 6 months or so during their 2nd marriage. My husband and I haven’t ever separated, but the thoughts are there.  So I’ve been doing a lot of clearing to destroy & uncreate that.

Second, I had the awareness of how much change and adventure I create. My husband is a very consistent and predictable guy, which I can get bored with. I lead with change and/or adventure and he follows. I also crave growth and expansion and he doesn’t so much. I have struggled for many years because I like to take classes and learn new things. I strive for consciousness. I have had huge fears about outgrowing him and leaving him behind because he doesn’t want this stuff too. As I’ve been looking at the situation, I have realized how I must make the guy’s head spin because I can change gears on a dime. He is in total allowance of me doing this. And eventually, he catches up. He always has. Because I have been asking lots of questions and doing lots of clearing, I have the awareness that I can go out and create adventure on my own without having to drag him along. He has things he’s interested in and passionate about and he can do the same.

About eight months ago I learned that I could energetically destroy & uncreate our relationship. We change daily. Our relationship is constantly different because of how we show up, yet we are subconsciously expecting our mate to show up as they did the day before. When there is tension or conflict I will look at him and say “can we destroy & uncreate our relationship from now back to the beginning of time?” He finds this hilarious and is willing to go along with it. Then I do some energetic clearing. The magic ensues.

I also learned at that time, that I can ask the “glass ceiling” of where our relationship is to raise. As I go out into the world and achieve growth and more consciousness, I expand, and therefore our relationship needs more room to expand. So I simply ask the glass ceiling to raise.

I was recently listening to my mentors, Suzanne Stauffer and Megan Sillito, on their Weird on the Air radio program where they were discussing relationships. They posed some questions to ask when you are struggling in relationship and trying to decide to leave or stay:

  • Are you in reaction making this choice or are you at peace? What truly feels light/heavy here?
  • Is there a genuine and deep love here?
  • Is each person willing to take 100% accountability and do whatever it takes to change in the way they know is true and required?
  • Are your core values aligned? Is your partner in allowance with the things you deeply care about?
  • Together, is there a synergy? Do you have the ability to create 10x, or more, greater together than apart?

When I ask these questions, with my husband in mind, I actually feel lighter and more excited about staying in the relationship. For now I know we have a good thing going and are both a huge contribution to the other’s life. And my gratitude for him grows.

I invite you to use some of these tools to contribute to the quality of your relationships now, and in the future.

From eating until I puke to honoring my body

From the time I was a little kid, until I was an adult,  I literally would eat until I wanted to throw up. When I got a little older my mom taught me about using baking soda in a glass of water to relieve an upset stomach. I learned at a very young age that I could eat until I was sick and then relieve myself with a glass of water and a little baking soda. In 9th grade my dad told me my pants were too tight, and from then on I started purging after dinner, nearly every night, for months at a time until my senior year of high school. It became my wintertime weight loss plan.

Last week, I sat down to watch a movie. I was a little hungry so I put some homemade ranch dressing mix on some cottage cheese and scooped it with kettle chips. Before I even finished my chips I listened to the cues from my body saying it was done. I had instant awareness about how aware I’ve become in the past year with messages from my body.

bowl of chips 2a
This has been an amazing journey for me in 2015. I have been working on raising my awareness about what my body wants to eat, how much it wants to eat, and stopping when I’m full. I’m not doing it as a weight loss plan; I’m doing it to honor my body – because we’re a team, and we’re in this life together. I’m not going anywhere without my body so I get to honor it.

Last August I attended an event called Being You Changing the World, hosted by Dr. Dain Heer. The first day of the event he let us go for lunch break and said “ask your body what it requires from you.” After every bite, ask if it requires more food. If your body is done, stop eating.” I started incorporating this practice into my meal times. Honestly, I’m not perfect at it. At first I did this about 25% of the time and now I’m at about 50%. But, as I discovered with my chips & cottage cheese snack tonight, it’s becoming a habit that I don’t have to think as much about.

The phrase “you’ve come a long way baby!” definitely applies to me! What else is possible?

So, during this holiday season I will be eating lots of bacon, cream cheese, whipped cream and other “taboo” foods and enjoying the hell out of them! And, of course, I will continue to ask my body what it requires and if it requires any more bites of food.

How can you honor your body this holiday season?

In 2016 I will be launching a program to teach women some amazing tools to honor their own bodies, to release shame & guilt, to listen to the cues and message from their bodies, and to understand the magical, phenomenal creation their body is. Stay tuned for more!

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