Angella Johnson is referred to by her clients as being “brilliant, genius and real.” She is a down-to-earth and powerful marketing strategist and a business coach who found this path after getting fired from corporate, then blowing up her high 6-figure business. She realized the ‘hustle-faster’ and ‘one-size-fits-all’ formulas were not the path to true prosperity. As an international coach, speaker and best-selling author, she has found the joy, magic and profits in her life and business and guides other Soulpreneurs to have the courage to create the their path. Connect with Angella at


Discover Your Marketing Archetype to Attract Dream Clients, Grow your Profits and Love Your Business

Knowing your Message and Marketing archetypes will do three core things for your business:

  1. Highlight your natural strengths (huge confidence booster)
  2. Leverage your impact (make the most impact with little resistance)
  3. Monetize your passion and purpose (make money doing what you love)

In this dynamic and out-of-the-box presentation, you will know what your marketing archetype is and how to use it in your business to attract dream clients and make more money. You will be inspired, more confident, and clear on real actions to to take right away to grow your business.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn marketing strategies that really work so you leverage time and profits.
  • Learn how marketing can be easy and genuine and eradicate the fear of getting yourself out there.
  • Stop following one-size-fits-all formulas and be unique in your market.
  • Cut through the overwhelming tips and do what works.

Julie Merwin is an alchemist and facilitator of change, transformation and magic. She is a Certified Access Consciousness facilitator, and has been a practitioner and facilitator of this body of work for 9 years.

Julie has always been a healer and empath, but didn’t always know it, or know what to do with it. She studied and practiced several self-help/healing modalities, but it was the pragmatic tools of Access consciousness that gave her the ability to step up her energetic capacities and awareness, and be empowered by them.

Now she facilitates others in stepping into their knowing, turning on and turning up their awareness and abilities, and empowering change and transformation in every aspect of their lives that they would like to change.

Julie sees this reality like “The Matrix”. It is malleable and changeable, not solid as we are led to believe. Anything and everything can change, the doors of greater possibility are here for the asking… we simply have to ask and be willing to receive.  You can learn more about Julie and her business at

For over 21 years, Megan Sillito, has masterfully facilitated deep transformation in people from all walks of life; from entrepreneurs to artists and housewives to NASA engineers. Like a court jester, she has creatively led thousands to reach beyond their limiting beliefs of what is possible, to claim their “having it all”, ridiculous life. A lifelong student of universal wisdom, she has more than doubled Gladwell’s “10,000 Hour Rule” studying and incorporating dozens of modalities in mind, body, and spirit resulting in a vast toolbox at the ready to launch the inspired client to experience themselves in an entirely new light and create lucrative businesses and lives full of adventure, creativity, and play.

Megan has developed 3 signature programs, The Power of Living Genius, Weird Leadership and Play Your Way to Money, an eclectic mix of offerings that highlights Megan’s diverse passions and talents. Additionally, she’s a coach’s coach who has launched numerous coaches to high six figure coaching practices by empowering them to claim “their way” to coach and do business.  Learn more about Megan at


Knowing Your Genius, Generating Money
Being in your genius generates a strong clear signal that people looking for what your unique abilities can find you. Being clear about what those capacities are and being willing to express them in a visible way is the fastest way to expand your reach. When you know your genius and your willing to energetically attune with money and your willingness to receive and get paid for what you do you will have the great problem of having more business than you know what to do with. Join me for 90 minutes of deep play that will open the space and possibilities for the business you never dreamed you could have!!

Class Notes

  • Expand your knowing and awareness around key genius capacities that will catalyze your business.
  • Learn how to embody and expand these capacities to contribute to you and everyone you come in contact with so that when people meet you they’re like “I want what they are having.”
  • Our greatest fear is being this greatness, so you’ll get to clear that shite!!
  • Undo your money poo and allow money to contribute to you, your life and your business and the world.
  • Truth…Will you contribute to the world more if you have money or if you are lack? How bout you be the energy of wealth people are looking for? What could that change?

Erika Workman is the queen of possibility!  She is a healer, magic maker, and retreat host extraordinaire!

Erika loves working with clients who are hungry for change!  She helps them tap into that “thing” they desire, clears limitations and blocks that are preventing them from having it, and celebrates with them when their desires become part of their reality.

At the retreat, Erika will be helping guests to brainstorm ways to get in front of more people and attract more clients.  She will also be sharing her expertise on how to engage your audience through blogging, emails, websites, and social media, and will help guests to figure out what works best for their business style.

One of Erika’s most magical gifts is creating yummy food!  She is sure to make your tastebuds dance while you are at the retreat!  Learn more about Erika by visiting