Mentoring/Emotional Healing

Contrary to the way we have been taught by society or our parents, I firmly believe that “negative” emotions are good and it is healthy to express them.  Men, it’s okay to cry when you’re sad or hurt.  Women, it’s okay to be angry.  And visa versa, for that matter.  Think of how wonderful a 2 year old feels after a good temper tantrum! 

In sessions with my clients, I use processes such as The Journey, pranayama breathing, The Work, journaling with intention, vision boards, ‘screaming’ therapy and more.  I believe that getting to the core of things that are bothering us, understanding “negative” emotions and messages they are trying to tell us and letting them go are fundamentals to feeling true joy, happiness and emotional freedom.  Many of my clients report feeling lighter and more free after just one session with me.  I chose the modalities I did because they are FAST and EFFECTIVE. 

Please give me a call or a quick email.  We can have a no-fee consultation to see if we’re a great fit for each other.  I look forward to bringing you the emotional freedom you deserve!

Important note:  Your confidentiality is my highest priority.  I will never disclose details about you or your coaching/healing sessions to anyone.  I will also never sell your name and contact information.


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