“Working with Erika over the last few months has opened up so much space for me to understand myself — who I am and why I am. She offered the space and loving guidance to accept and cherish what I have to offer this world and release anything that holds me back from realizing the potential of my greatest self. I look forward to deepening my understanding with her for years to come.”

~ CS

“I came to Erika knowing I wanted to release some issues that I had burried and ignored for over two years. My session with Erika helped me to release the negativity, anger and tears I was holding in. The tools and tips Erika utilized during my session helped me stay grounded and positive. I left feeling lighter, happier and ready to move forward. Thank you Erika!”
~ Stephanie

“I wanted to let you know I’ve kept up with the homework you gave me a looooong time ago, and for a long time now I’m doing really well with my emotions, depression repressed anger, and even problems with my in laws. I’ve finally come to not care what they think of me, because the bottom line is, I like me. It’s pretty great to be me and its their loss. So thank you for all your help. You are a god send. And I’ll always love you for it.”
~ KX

“Erika is an incredibly inspired trainer that follows the flow of the audience to perfection. Within 30 minutes, she transformed an obstacle inside me that was affecting my purpose.”
~ Michael Worlton (Shield-Safety, VP)

“It is apparent that Erika loves youth! She speaks with compassion and clarity. Erika’s presentation is powerful and inspirational and she delivers it with love shining through. Thank you, Erika!”
~ Susan Taylor

“Erika is very passionate about what she does. She has valuable insight due to her own journey of self-love. Erika loves people and is clearly interested in creating value for others. She is an expert, not only in her knowledge and communication, but in her compassion and caring. I would highly recommend Erika as a mentor in your life!”
~ Ann Webb

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