Breath, Brunch & Creation


Monday, January 1st, 2018

11:00am – 2:00pm

What creations would you like to have come to fruition for 2018?

This event will begin with one of my famous breath circles.   Then I will serve you a delicious, high-vibration and love-infused meal made by me.  Warm, nurturing, and delicious!  Afterwards we will engage in conversation about what we’d like to create for 2018 and what shifts get to be made for that magic to happen.  One of my favorite things to facilitate is helping people to create more possibility in their worlds!

Price is $35.  Because of the holidays I didn’t have time to promote the early bird.
Please choose the $35 option when you register.

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I only have 12 spots available for this breath circle because the studio will only hold 12 yoga mats on the floor comfortably. Register early because this breath circle is sure to sell out!

Fiore Studio

1323 West 7900 South, Suite 201 (Extra parking in rear of building) West Jordan, UT

Breathwork details:

I teach a powerful pranayama breathing technique.  This type of breath work creates a meditation-like experience but better! It allows the conscious mind to focus on breathing while the sub-conscious, spirit and physical body can let go of stress, old traumas, do healing work, and create more space for you to expand your awareness, have an ah-ha about life challenges and manifest your desires.  You’ll be so glad to have this experience! Please dress comfortably – yoga pants and no makeup are perfectly acceptable at this event. Bring a water bottle, yoga mat or extra blanket to lie on, eye pillow (or washcloth) to cover your eyes, a blanket to cover your body, and a pillow or bolster for your knees. You may also bring ocean rocks or gemstone rocks to help you with grounding. Breath work is an ancient healing modality based in the pranayama yoga tradition.  Breath work circles utilize a two-stage pranayama breathing technique, essential oils, intuitive touch, music, vocalization and a meditative environment in a group setting.  Breath work allows the body to relax, yet clears physical blocks and moves stuck energy and emotions out of the body.  It helps to clarify and focus the mind.  And, it allows people to work through their burdens, create peace and new space for wonderful things. Breath circle film strip Erika is also available to facilitate Breath Circles for private groups.

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This class is now over, make sure to sign up for my newsletter or check my Facebook page to be notified of the next event.

Breath Circle Testimonial:

Erika has facilitated her Breath Circles at four of my retreats. I love opening the weekend with a Breath Circle because it creates a space of healing right from the beginning. It sets a great intention for the rest of the retreat and really helps my guests to open up and enter a place of surrender and receiving. I have witnessed many women have healing and life-changing breakthroughs during this experience. Erika has a special gift of creating a safe space and making participants feel at ease. I always know that she is right there to support me through the experience, which helps me to more fully relax and allow myself to feel, release, and heal. I love it because the process just aids your mind and body to release and receive whatever it needs to. It doesn’t require that you know what needs to happen. You just breathe and trust! It is truly a unique and powerful healing experience.  

~ Deanna Valencia (Valenciana Retreats)

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