Orgasmic Vegetables

Friday, October 6th


Do you want to eat healthier but aren’t sure how?
Do you need to shake up your veggie staples and do something different?
Would you like to spice up your love affair with vegetables?

At this class Lori Tidwell and Erika Workman will be teaching you several vegetable cooking techniques.  We will show you how to make a plethora of variations of each recipe to accommodate the tastes for you and your family.  We will show you how easy it is to make your own homemade salad dressings, roasted vegetables in the oven, and grilled veggies on the bbq.  It is totally possible for things like kale, brussels sprouts, and asparagus to make your taste buds dance!

Class fee is $25 for individuals, $40 for couples (this can include friends).

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The Orgasmic Vegetables cooking class has space for 20 people.  Please book early!

Class will be taught at Erika’s home in Taylorsville.

You will receive an email upon registration with address and other details.
Please watch for it!

Lori Tidwell bio

Lori is a health coach…


Erika Workman

About Erika Workman:

Erika is an energy healer and life coach.

She has been cooking since she was 7 years old and as a teen was making up her own recipes.  She is an intuitive cook and creates nourishing food that heals bodies.

Erika loves to teach people that cooking doesn’t have to be as hard as they decide it is.  She also enjoys teaching people to listen to their bodies and to not judge what their bodies are asking for.

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