Mini Classes

Do you have days where you want to crawl under your blankie and hide because everyone else’s stuff is far too painful to deal with?

Do you have the capacity to heal other people’s bodies and emotions but aren’t sure how to do it without causing pain and suffering to yourself?
There is a way!

What if it didn’t have to hurt so much?
It doesn’t have to!

What if the “curse of the empath” could simply go away? What if it could be a gift?
It can!

The good news is, there are AMAZING tools you can use to work with and make your life so much easier! 

At this class I will:

  • Explain the history of why you are empathic, why it hurts so much, and also how to do clearings to clear out those oaths & vows you once took.  (don’t worry, this won’t take away your gift – just the part that feels like a curse).
  • Teach you some simple and powerful tools to aid you with your empathic healing gifts, such as:
    • How to identify if the uncomfortable thing is yours or someone else’s and how to send it back to them.
    • How to make yourself energetically bigger than the problem.
    • How to remove barriers so you can be aware of everything, yet still not take it on.
    • How to destroy and uncreate anything that is limiting you, confining you, or paralyzing you when it comes to your empathic healing abilities.
    • How to continue to heal other’s bodies but not take their stuff on in your body.

Would this class create more ease in your world?
What will your life be like in 5 years if you come to class and learn these simple tools?
What will it be like in 5 years if you don’t?  

Follow your awareness, my friend!

If this class is a YES for you, please register below!
Do you have a friend who would love to attend with you?  Awesome!  Please send them the link and have them register too.